… broken

6 04 2008

broken heart

It’s Sunday and I am chilling with my favorite coffee and my self. I got my favorite tune playing while I’m doing the “warm up”. Ha!

Ohh L-o-v-e., Such a cheesy word.

A friend of mine couldn’t function at work because of it.
Another friend of mine doesn’t want to get married anymore because of it.
One of my guy buddies nearly killed him self because of it.
My friend’s girl friend became an alcoholic bitch because of it.

Traumatizing. Yet, people still fall and choose to have it.
As for me?! That’s my greatest FRUSTATION of all!!! Haha.

It feels like there’s always a number of “WRONGS” in loving. It never left a single positive word in my mind to describe IT.

I always chose to have it, but they didn’t know how to keep it.
They wanted me but they didn’t want me to stay.
But when I strayed, they wanted me back.

It controls you, molds you, uses you…

You stumbled, you fell, you broke…
You picked up the pieces… moved on…
And then, you went back to the process again.

Been there, done that.,,
Now, you know it hurts..
You don’t wanna be there anymore.
Now, you’re isolated.
Freezing cold. Numb.

I haven’t learned much even though I’ve almost swam the deepest part of it. I just keep coming back and wanting more and more. Savoring its pain and sweetness is addictive. Very addictive. Trust me.




One response

14 04 2008

dont worry girl, i got your back… we have the same frustration and it is going to get worse. so if i were u, i will buy myself a new pair of shoes and be happy!

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