…I wanna be renewed

26 05 2008

I’ve done so many things that displeased you. I didn’t want to do them, I didn’t intend to do them but I was totally out of control. Please, let your hands have total control over me. Guide me and help me get out from the earthly pleasures , I don’t need them, They’re not good for me. I knew what do to, but , these earthly pleasures blinded me. Lord, I’ve failed you so many times. I’m sorry. But here I am, crying out, Lord All I need is you. Nobody can change me but you. I know it’s only your love that could heal me. Lord, I want to live according to your will and desire. I don’t wanna live my life the way I wanted it to be. Please renew my soul and my heart. Lord, you know what have been playing in my mind that’s why I’ve been like this, but I still believe that you alone can fulfill the emptiness I feel. You’re more than enough for me, My God.  Lord embrace me with your righteousness. Lord, I need you… I don’t wanna be the way I’ve been. I don’t wanna displease you. I love you so much. Please Lord, control my life. I need complete restoration of my self. Make my faith stronger. Make me whole again. I love you so much Lord.




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